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Us Americans

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the people

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Q: To which groups are members of congress responsible?
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Under the U.S. Constitution who is responsible for punishing members of Congress?


Who are the members of congress who are responsible for getting out the vote?


What roles do members of congress fill?

Members of the US Congress are responsible for appropriating money and making law. They are also responsible for impeachment and trial of federal officials accused of wrongdoing.

Interest groups are only responsible to .?

Their own members

Intrest groups are only responsible to?

Their own members

Who are congress members primarily responsible to?

Their constituents* and their political party (mostly democrats or republicans)*Constituents are the people that members of Congress Represent.

Term given to members of congress who are responsible for getting out the vote?

whip whip

Which branch of congress is responsible for the impeachment trials?

The House of Representatives has this responsibility and power.

Who is Responsible for communication among party members in congress?

The whip is responsible for communication among party members in congress. This is a person within the whip system that is an official within their party that has the task of ensuring party discipline within legislature.

What do the members of congress have the responsibility to?

A member of Congress is mainly responsible for representing his people. They are tasked with legislative duties together with the House of Representatives.

Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between lobbyists and Congress in recent years?

Lobbyists are representatives of interests groups right? Interest groups are a way for constituents to influence Congress. Lobbies are an irreplacable source of information for members of congress.

Where do ideas for bills come from?

US Citizen, organized groups, congressional committees, members of Congress, and the president.