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To a full committee

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The Committee ( lol )

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Q: To whom does a subcommittee report a bill?
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What does a committee or subcommittee do during markup?

A committee or subcommittee reviews the bill and suggests amendments if needed. The subcommittee or committee will then accept or reject the bill. If the subcommittee accepts the bill, it is then forwarded as is to the committee. When the committee accepts the bill, it will issue in an official report or official bill print.

What does a subcommittee do to a bill?

they pass it.

What do a subcommittee do to a bill?

they pass it.

Where does a bill usually go after being assigned to a committee?

The majority leadership selects the committee Standing Commitee

Can a subcommittee be a committee of the whole?

Yes, a subcommittee can be a committee of the whole. While it is possible, it is usually stupid. The purpose of a subcommittee is to study an issue in depth, to bring back a report, and present the research to back it up. If the subcommittee does its job, it keeps the committee's discussion from being a pooling of ignorance. Usually committees divide up work among subcommittees. If you are going to have a subcommittee be a committee of the whole, why have a subcommittee?

What committee within a committee that looks at a bill closer?


It's a bad sign for your bill if?

the subcommittee lets sit

Subcommittee reads its recommendation to their house of Congress?

ordering a bill reported

What does ordering a bill reported mean?

When a subcommittee reads its recommendation to the rest of their house of Congress

A process by which a committee revises a bill?

Markup is a process in which a subcommittee or a committee revises a bill that has been introduced. The committee also considers the bill in this process.

Who said since we dont want to kill this bill send it to a subcommittee for further study?

This quote is attributed to John F. Kennedy, who said it during the debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Kennedy suggested sending the bill to a subcommittee for further study rather than killing it outright.

What Is the step between passing a bill between a subcommittee and the floor of senate or house of representatives?