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Q: True or false Preemptive laws actually take away power from the state?
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What is the difference between preemptive and non preemptive scheduling?

1.) in preemptive scheduling we prempt the currently executing process, in non preemptive scheduling we allow the current process to finish its CPU burst time... 2.) in preemptive scheduling the process is forcibly sent to waiting state when a process with higher priority comes to CPU, in non preeemptive scheduling the process at running state can not be forced to leave the CPU until it completes........

Which statement about Revolutionary Pennsylvania is FALSE?

The false statement is that the state's new constitution gave only limited power to the state's governor.

The President of the U.S is actually elected by a special session of the legislatures of each state True or False?


Is every state an oligarchy because it has absolute power within its territory?


Is shortest job first scheduling preemptive?

It depends of whether the current process will give up CPU to a task in the waiting state that will execute faster than itself. In this case it would be preemptive, else it would not be.

The tenth amendment gives the national government expresses power over the state government?


Did Southerners insiste on admitting Missouri as a slave state to preserve a balance of power in the Senate?

false they insisted on entering it as a free state

State why strict non-preemptive scheduling is unlikely to be used in a computer centre?

Once the CPU has been allocated to a process, the process keeps the CPU until it releases the CPU either by terminating or by switching to the waiting state. In a general purpose computer system, users share the CPU and care about system responsiveness. If the system uses non-preemptive scheduling, some users may sit before the monitor for several hours without doing anything other than waiting for the set of processes in front of them in the system queue to finish. So, strictly non-preemptive scheduling is unlikely to be used in a general purpose computer system.

The governments created under the new state constitutions were actually less democratic than their colonial predecessors?


The institution possessing the supreme power within the state is called the government?

True: government is the supreme power within the state.

True or false sovereignty refers to the supreme absolute power of a state within its own territory?


What Under a confederation form of government most of the power belongs to the national central government?

False. In a Confederation, more power belongs to the individual, or state, governments.