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The answer is true. Special interest groups exist solely to propose legislation to Congress that benefits their particular interest or cause.

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Q: True or false Special interest groups have an opportunity to propose legislation for their own benefit?
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Is it true or false that special interest groups have an opportunity to propose legislation for their own benefit?

True and false. It is false that special interest groups have an opportunity to propose legislation, regardless of whether it benefits them. However, it is true that special interest groups influence politicians who can then propose legislation benefiting that group.Another View: Disagree partially with the above response. Legislation introduced by lawmakers is rarely drafted and researched by them or their own staff. It is sent up to them by the very people that wish to have it enacted.THUS, perhaps not all, but much of what is proposed by the special interests DOES eventually appear in bills which may become law.

Do Special interest groups have an opportunity to propose legislation for their own benefit?

In the US, at least, interest groups, like individual citizens, can encourage legislators to propose legislation for any purpose they wish. At the federal level, only a Senator or member of the House of Representatives can officially introduce a bill for Congressional consideration.

What is opportunity cost and opportunity benefit?

Opportunity cost is the cost that an opportunity presents. The opportunity benefit is the benefit of the opportunity that is being presented.

The special interest that benefit directly from a buresucratic agency's programs are called?

clientele groups.

Are hired by interest groups in order to pass or kill legislation in Congress that would benefit or hurt the interests of the members of group?

campaign managers c: :* ;)

The optimal use of a resource take place when?

The benefit is greater than the opportunity cost.

What are some examples of an opportunity benefit?

if your mom tell u to do a chore and she give you allowance for doing it would be an example of opportunity benefit

What has the author Hanna M Clarke written?

Hanna M. Clarke has written: 'Social security's special minimum benefit provision' -- subject(s): Social security, Law and legislation

What is the concept of opportunity cost reference to investor?

The opportunity cost with reference to an investor would be the income he wud have earned had he used(invested) his money for some oder purpose. e.g. opp. cost for investing in mutual fund can be the interest of the amt. of investment offered by a bank, (or any other kind of interest, dividend or return) which the investor had to forgo to receive benefit from his investment.

What is acting in public interest?

To act in public interest is to do that which is to the benefit of the public.

How do participants benefit from the Special Olympics?

They benefit by feeling important.

What is special interest in making laws?

Special interest in making laws refers to the influence of individuals, groups, or organizations who have a particular stake or agenda in shaping specific legislation. These interests often seek to sway lawmakers through lobbying, campaign donations, or other means to prioritize and advance their own goals or benefits. While special interest engagement can provide valuable perspectives, it also raises concerns about the potential distortion of democratic decision-making and the unequal influence of powerful groups.