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false.. it was the chicken eating jungle monkeys who established the industry

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Q: True or false the interstate commerce act was originally intended to regulate the automobile industry?
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The interstate commerce act was originally intended to regulate what industry?

Its the railroad industry

Why was the interstate commerce act passed?

To make the railroad rates "reasonable and just".

What did the interstate commerce commission regulate?

The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) regulated commercial transportation between the states: railroads, trucking, shipping, air freight; basically it regulated anything that moved goods. It originally started with the growth and development of railroads during the 19th century. The railroads in general were owned by fabulously wealthy investors, since it took a vast amount of capital to lay tracks and purchase the expensive engines and cars, the "high technology" of their day. In return for vast investments, the railroads expected vast profits, and they engaged in all sorts of unsavory tactics that were unfair to their customers. The ICC was established in 1887 following a Supreme Court decision in favor of railroads that ONLY the U.S. government could regulate interstate commerce, another blow against State's Rights. The U.S. Constitution only says the following about interstate commerce, describing the power of Congress: "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes". Everything else that has come after is the result of legislation and court decisions.

What are the duties of the secretary of commerce?

The Commerce Secretary is the highest ranking U.S. government official charged with overseeing and formulating policy concerning foreign and domestic industry and business affairs. The U.S. Commerce Department was established as an independent agency in 1913. The statutes of the United States delegate specific duties and responsibilities to the Commerce Secretary.

Growth in what other area was caused by growth of the automobile industry?

The automobile increased the need for roads and bridges, and raised the demand for steel and rubber. The use of the automobile spurred the growth of suburbs, which had initially been made possible by trains and subways. A+ all answers are correct

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The interstate commerce act was originally intended to regulate what industry?

Its the railroad industry

Interstate Commerce was originally intended to regulate what industry?


The _______ was/were set up to stop corruption in the railroad industry.?

it was the Department of Transportation

What was the goal of the interstate commerce act?

Originally designed to prevent unfair business practices in the railroad industry. In other words,it was to lover excessive railroad rates.

Who were the key participants in the interstate commerce act?

In 1887 Congress passed the Interstate Commerce Act, making the railroads the first industry subject to Federal regulation.

What is ICC in trucking industry?

ICC means Interstate Commerce Commission. It is a regulatory agency that deals with interstate trucking.

The waswere set up to stop corruption in the railroad industry.?

Interstate Commerce Commission A+

What Act was an attempt to restrict a monopoly of the US oil industry?

Interstate commerce act

The was set up to stop corruption in the railroad industry?

Interstate Commerce Commision

Interstate commerce act regulated what industry?

The Interstate Commerce Act regulated the railroad industry. It was passed in 1887 and aimed to regulate railroad rates and practices that were deemed unfair and discriminatory towards small businesses and farmers. It was one of the first major federal regulations on a private industry.

Federal agency originally intended to regulate railroads that was often used by rail companies to stabilize the industry and prevent ruinous competition?

I'm pretty sure it's the interstate commerce commission "ICC"

What was the first industry to be regulated by the government?

In the United States, the first industry to be regulated by the government was the railroad industry. This was done through the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887.