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True. However, the President has additional term limitations under the 22nd Amendment.

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Q: True or false the vice president and president must meet the same qualifications for office?
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Is this true or false an impeachment president is automatically removed from the office?

This stament is true.

True or false president Henry Harrison was the first president to die while in office?

It's William Henry Harrison, and yes, he was the first to die in office.

In order to bring charges against the President or Vice President for misconduct in office the House of Representatives is given power to impeach True Or False?


The Vice President has to meet the qualifications for the office of the presidency?


Are the qualifications for the President and Vice President are the same except for age?

Yes, the Constitution states in Clause 4 of the 12th Amendment, the amendment that established vice presidential elections,"... no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."

MS Office is hardware true or false?

False. It is software.

The vice president and president must meet the same qualifications for office?

A vice-presidential candidate must have the same qualifications as the President, because he may become President.

Is it true or false if the office of vice president becomes vacant congress appoints a new one?

It is not quite true because when the office of Vice-President becomes vacant, the President chooses a new Vice-President who then must be approved by both houses of Congress before he can take office. ( 25th amendment.)

According to American government system impeach is to accuse of the president of the US and his cabinet True Or False?

False, because impeach is to accuse a public official of misconduct in office.

Is it true or false that the national committee meets every 4 years to nominate candidates for president and vice president?


True or false the cabinet has the job of advising the president?


Did president bush visited china true of false?