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1) Pressing a key on the keyboard, the keyboard controller sends an interrupt to the CPU.

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Q: Two ways that devices can gain the attention of the CPU?
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How much performance gain with a typical CPU upgrade?

You can gain anywhere from 5-100% depending on how old your previous cpu was.

What three methods or devices are used to cool a CPU?

Passive and active air cooling and liquid cooling. What three methods or devices are used to cool a CPU

What two devices for processing?

there is only 1 processing device the CPU.......

Why the input output devices are slower than cpu or memory devices?

because of their design

What is intermediary devices between the CPU and the monitor?


What kind of secondary storage devices do large computer use?


What writes data and instructions in storage devices and performs calculations and other data processing?


Why are interrupt required?

Interrupts are required in order to get the attention of the CPU. A CPU typically has two interrupt lines. One is the nonmaskable interrupt line (NMI). That is used in the case of critical errors, since this interrupt cannot be ignored. The other one is the regular interrupt line. That is used by hardware devices and certain software to get the attention of the CPU. When you move a mouse, for instance, that creates both a hardware and software interrupt. So the CPU would then process the mouse driver code and move the cursor, then get back to what it was doing.

What is major devices of computer?

Its is the CPU, HDD, processors, and RAM.

What are the processing devices of the computer?

CPU-Central Processing Unit

How to tell if motherboard or processor is bad?

The only true way is to replace the CPU with a working CPU and see if it works. But, if all of your other hardware devices are working then you can bet it is not your motherboard. Another words if you are getting power to your motherboard and all your devices are working, but you are having problems with your CPU then you can bet it's the CPU.

How are output devices connected to the CPU?

Output devices are connected to the CPU through the northbridge and southbridge, (collectively called the chipset) but they connect to different devices. The northbridge connects to the graphics output, while the southbridge connects to all other output devices (sound, storage, network, and others).