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Frederick the Great (1712-1786)or Frederick II was King of Prussia from 1740-1786. Frederick was famous for modernizing Prussia, religious tolerance, and being an advocate of the Enlightenment

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Fredrick II, also known as Fredrick the great was the king of Prussia from 1712 to 1786 CE. He was an absolute monarch and an enlightened despot.

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Q: Type of monarch was Frederick the great?
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How enlightened was Frederick the Great?

Frederick the Great was an absolute monarch in europe.

What monarch embodies enlightened absolutism more than any other?

Frederick the Great

What type of monarch was federick the great?

He was an enlightened, absolute monarch.

Which Prussian monarch doubled the size of Prussia in 1740 by taking Silesia from Austria?

King Frederick the Great

Who was Frederick the Great?

One of the greatest miltary commanders in History. He commanded the Prussians in the 7 Years war. 1756 to 1763 He was a person that began building a powerful army that became the most important institution in Prussian life.

Frederick the great was what kind of monarch?

Frederick II (the Great) was king of Prussia from 1740 to 1786. He was an absolute ruler and considered to be the greatest of the Enlightened Despots. Enlightened monarchs embraced the principles of the Enlightenment, which included the reform of society using reason, scientific thought, skepticism, and intellect.

Great Britain is an example of which type of government?


To what does Frederick compare a monarch and his or her subject?

Frederick compares a monarch to a shepherd and his subjects to a flock of sheep. He suggests that the shepherd leads and controls the flock, much like a monarch's authority over his subjects.

Frederick the great Prussia as an enlightened despot. This can best described as?

A monarch who brings about positive political and social change. NovaNet answer for all you NovaNet cheaters.

Frederick the great prussia as an enlightened despot this can best be described as?

A monarch who brings about positive political and social change. NovaNet answer for all you NovaNet cheaters.

Why did prince frederick the first help martin luther?

Frederick I was not alive in the time of Martin Luther. Frederick III is the monarch that assisted Martin Luther.

Who was the Prussian ruler who emphasized military power to become an absolute monarch in the 18th century?

Frederick William 1 and his son, known as Frederick the Great, modernized the Prussian Army and made it the most feared on the continent. By standardizing weapons, training, tactics, uniforms, and even pay, the two built the first modern army.