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  1. Class 1 - Full prestress
  2. Class 2 - Limited prestress
  3. Class 3 - Partial prestress
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Q: Types of pres tressed concrete
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There are quite a diverse range of concrete types in the Philippines. Some of the types of concrete in this country include Fiber-reinforced concrete, Rapid-setting concrete, Fluid-filled concrete, and Pervious concrete.

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Different types of concrete are:Normal Strength ConcretePlain or Ordinary ConcreteReinforced ConcretePrestressed ConcretePrecast ConcreteLight – Weight ConcreteHigh-Density ConcreteAir Entrained ConcreteReady Mix ConcretePolymer ConcreteHigh-Strength ConcreteHigh-Performance ConcreteSelf – Consolidated ConcreteShotcrete ConcretePervious ConcreteVacuum ConcretePumped ConcreteStamped ConcreteLimecreteAsphalt ConcreteRoller Compacted ConcreteRapid Strength ConcreteGlass Concrete

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there are many types of concrete but they all seem to be high in price, but not too expensive...

When did John Smeaton invent concrete?

Between 1556 and 1793; but different types of concrete are known from the antiquity.

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ture slump