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Prior to the centralized federal government being formed the thirteen colonies had colonial assemblies in which constiuents would meet to dicuss issues. The colonial assemblies arose largely because the government that the US was technical under, the British Monarchy, essentially ignored them. So the US government in the most current sense replaced the colonial assemblies, but the US government in general replaced the British Monarchy.

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Q: US government replaced what kind of government?
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What kind of government do you have in the US?

The kind of government you have in the US is DEMOCRATIC.

How did the US influence affairs in Granada?

They invaded Grenada and replaced the government.

What kind Government does the US have?


What kind of government does the state have?

the US has a republic

A formal plan of government is a what?

The first formal plan of government in the US was known as the Articles of Confederation. However, this was replaced by the constitution which governs the government.

What kind of a government does this the US have?

a cool one x0

What kind of government was created by the consittisoin of the US?

A republic.

What kind of government does the constitution of the US establish for your country?

a government for the people, of the people and by the people

What were five major problems occurring in the US that caused the Articles of Confederation to be replaced by the US Constitution?

The articles were a weak form of government.

Was the first government of the US successful?

The Articles of Confederation were not particularly successful and were shortly replaced by the current Constitution.

What part of Vietnam was the US protecting?

The US was bolstering the Corrupt South Vietnamese government from being replaced democratically by a communist government. They did this because they wanted a base for a strategic navy presence in the area.

What kind of government did US have during world what 2?

Democratic Republic.