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their performance on competitive written examinations.

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Q: Under the pendleton act people would gain government jobs according to?
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What does a government need to exist?

people under it

Under what form of government do the people give their consent to a centralized government?


Who was weak under the first national government?

the people

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According to Jefferson what are people obligated to do in the face of despotism?

Thomas Jefferson said that when a government reduces men under absolute Despotism, it is their duty to throw off such Government. They must also provide new guards for their future security.

How was the EEIC controlled from Britain?

According to regulating act the government in india was to be under the governer general

What form of government did john think was best for people to live under?

A democratic system.A government that can only rule with the consent of the people (democracy).

Are the people of France under the republican government?

Yes, France is a republic

Who were the electors of the government under the new constitution?

they were people of high standers

Who were the elector of the constitution under the new government?

they were people of high standers

A group of people under a single government?