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No conditions.

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Q: Under what conditons should a persons rights be violated?
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How were the Jew's human rights violated?

Well there's too many to list , but if you look at all of the rights that humans should have , just list the ones that weren't violated

What should Americans do if government does not protect their basics rights?

If a person thinks that their rights have been violated they can go through the courts to the Supreme Court.

Do your rights have to be read for shoplifting?

Yes, your rights have to be read when you are arrested and accused of any crime. A lawyer should be contacted if your rights have been violated because you may not be charged with the crime.

If your rights are violated?

if your rights are violated you should go to a higher person like if the cops violate your rights then you need to go to the mayor someone who has more authority than the violator if it doesn't work you can sue them but if your going to sue something like the city i suggest that you move out of it unless your in major danger

Should criminals have the vote?

This is a controversial topic with arguments on both sides. Some believe that all citizens should have the right to vote, regardless of their past actions. Others argue that criminals have violated the social contract and should have their voting rights revoked as part of their punishment.

Who would i speak to if i feel my rights were violated?

If you feel your rights were violated, you should contact a lawyer or an organization that specializes in civil rights issues. They can provide guidance on what steps you may need to take to address the violation of your rights.

If your custody battle is taking longer than it should be because your lawyer is lazy are my rights being violated?

This is interpretive see links below

Were your rights violated in Arkansas if you went outside and found the back end of your car hooked up and you jumped into the car and told the repo man he could not take your car?

That depends on what happened next. You forgot to tell that part.Was the lenders rights violated today too?? Does the lender have a right to expect YOU to do what YOU said you would?? Should they expect you to pay the payments? Who violated WHOM first???

When should the people have the right to change their government according to the Declaration of Independence?

It says if the rights of a people are allienated/violated, it is okay to break away from that government.

What do you do if your human rights are violated?

well if you are a young person you should tell your mum or ring a children's hotline if you are an adult you could hire a lawyer and take the matter to court.

1995 polaris xcr 600 top end speed?

in the right conditons you should get around 105mph

What is a schedule 14 a?

Schedule 14A is a document that lists what information is required for a proxy statement. The form should be filed with the SEC so that they can make sure the shareholder's rights are not violated.