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Protection from the Federal Government.

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Q: Under which category does this Constitutional Amendment fall No lodging troops in private homes in peace time?
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What restrictions does the fourth amendment put on private security guards such as store detectives or private investigators?

Okay, so this is what I got from it, and I'm studying Constitutional Law. The Fourth Amendment covers unlawful searches and seizures. However, the amendment is differed in the situation of security guards. As far as I am aware, the Fourth Amendment does not pertain to private security guards (such as mall cops). So in short: the Fourth applies to police, but not private security.

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Which Amendment forbids the housing of troops in private homes?

The amendment that forbids troops being lodged into private homes is the third amendment. (:

No lodging troops in private homes in peace time?

Protection from the Federal Government

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Which amendment was barring the quartering of soldiers in private homes?

The third amendment

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Fifth Amendment

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Because of this amendment a state cannot be sued in a federal court by a foreign country or a private citizen?

amendment 11