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Yes! And China is still technically Communist but you wouldn't know it from all the shopping and consumerism of Modern China.

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Q: Under whose leadership did China become a Communist nation?
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How did Vietnam become a single communist nation?

Vietnam become a single communist nation through the leadership and influence of Ho Chi Minh . He embraced communism and he got support from China and Soviet Union to fight the French regime.

What communist nation is south of China?


Largest nation with a communist government?


What was the nearest country to become communist?

Depending on where you are, the nearest communist country could be almost any South American nation, Russia, China, Vietnam or Cuba.

When did china become a communist country under who's leadership?

Mao took over, after underhandingly defeating the still-rightful nationalist leaders

How is the culture of china affect their leadership style?

it doesn't,it is a communist country.

What is the largest communist nation in the world?

China, obviously.

Which communist nation became a rival of the soviet union for territory?


How does China's communist government affect the lives of its citizens?

The most striking effect on the Chinese people when the nation became a Communist nation, were the large numbers of executions. The Communist Party believed that there were thousands and thousands of people to be considered as enemies of China, and these people were either put in prison or executed.

What nation is known as the Republic of China and isn't Communist?


When did Mao Zedong declare China a communist nation?


Which Caribbean island nation has a communist government?

cuba china etc .there are different islands with a communist government