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Abraham Lincoln had a two vice presidents. For his first term, his running mate was Hannibal Hamlin, the first Republican Party vice president. He had served as governor of Maine as well as in the Senate and House of Representatives. His second vice president, who became president after his assassination was Andrew Johnson. Johnson was a Democrat running with Lincoln on the National Union ticket.

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Q: Vice president of abrham Lincoln
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Who became vice-president when Lincoln died?

When Lincoln was assassinated, Vice President Andrew Johnson became the new President. No new Vice President was chosen; the office was vacant until Ulysses Grant was elected President in 1868 and Schuyler Colfax became Vice President. This is why the Constitution was amended in 1967, with the 25th Amendment. It finally set rules for how a new Vice President is chosen when the sitting Vice President has to take over the Presidency.

Who was the 17th president?

Andrew Johnson was the 17th President. He was the vice-president under Lincoln and became President after Lincoln was killed.

All the following were a presidential candidate in the 1860 election except:?

abrham lincoln

Who was the vice president of the us during the civil war?

Alexander Hamilton Stephens (February 11, 1812 - March 4, 1883) from Georgia was the Vice President of the CSA. (Jefferson Davis was President. )Alexander Stephens

Which of these men became president when Abraham Lincoln died in office?

Lincoln's Vice President, Andrew Johnson, took office upon the death of Lincoln.Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. He was president from 1865-1869.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson became president after Lincoln's' death.Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn into office after the death of Abraham Lincoln.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson, the vice-president, became president upon the death of Lincoln.His Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was a War Democrat that Lincoln included on his National Union ticket after the Radical Republicans nominated John C. Frémont instead.Vice-president Andrew Johnson became the President .Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the Presidency after Lincolns' assassinationVice president Andrew Johnson took over in 1865 when President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 (also Good Friday).- Johnson, the VP, took office upon Lincoln's death.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson.When President Lincoln died as a result of being shot, Vice-President Andrew Johnson was sworn in as President. Prior to this, he had been an alderman, mayor, member of Tennessee Legislature, member of US House of Representatives, Governor of Tennessee, member of US Senate and Vice-President. He served only one term as President, 1865-1869.Vice President Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn in after Lincolns death.Andrew Johnson

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President who was assassinated?

abrham Lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln president around the time of the pilgrims?

Abrham Lincoln was not president around the time of the pilgrims.

Who was Lincoln's vice president after civil war?

Andrew Johnson was Lincoln's Vice-President.

Did Lincoln have a vice president that went on to be president?

Hannibal Hamlin did not become a President, but Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's 2nd Vice President, became the President when Lincoln was assassinated.

Who ran for vice president with Lincoln 1864?

Andrew Johnson was then consequently the vice president, and after that, when Lincoln was assassinated, we was the president himself.

Who was Lincoln's third vice president?

Abraham Lincoln was the US President for two terms. In his first term, Hannibal Hamlin was his Vice President, and in his second term, Andrew Johnson was his Vice President. President Lincoln was shot 6 weeks into his second term, and Andrew Johnson became President. Thus, Abraham Lincoln did not have a third Vice President.

How do you spell abrham Lincoln?

The nickname "Abe Lincoln", as well as "Honest Abe" are used for the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

Who was after Lincoln?

Andrew Johnson, who was President Lincoln's Vice President, when he was assassinated.

Who ran for vice president with Lincoln in in 1864?

Andrew Johnson was then consequently the vice president, and after that, when Lincoln was assassinated, we was the president himself.

Who did President Abraham Lincoln choose as his Vice President?

During Abraham Lincoln's first term as President his Vice-President was Hannibal Hamlin and during his second term his Vice-President was Andrew Johnson.

Who succeeded Lincoln as a president?

The person who became President after Lincoln was shot was the Vice President, Andrew Johnson.

Who was Hannibal hamlin a vice president for?

He was the first vice president of Abraham Lincoln.