Voter turnout among 18-year-olds

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Voter turnout among 18-year-olds
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What factor is the most important in determining voter turnout among racial minorities?

education level

What affected voter turnout among African American citizens in 1960s?

Poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause.

What percentage of women voted in the 2010 UK general election?

According to Ipsos-MORI, female voter turnout at the 2010 election was 64% - slightly below the 66% among men.

Why do you suppose voter turnout is generally lower among 18-to-24-years-olds than among people 25 and older?

At least in America, voters in the age group of 18-24 would either be busy with college, or they could simply not care (as they commonly do).

What is the most votes among all those running for political office?

It is impossible to determine the most votes among all those running for political office as it varies from election to election and depends on the specific candidates and the level of office they are running for. Additionally, voting numbers can be influenced by various factors including voter turnout and campaign strategies.

Voter identification cards find the most support among?


What age group of people are most likely to vote in any election?

Historically, older age groups tend to have higher voter turnout compared to younger age groups. This could be due to factors such as more established routines, stronger sense of civic responsibility, and higher levels of political engagement among older individuals.

Explain how two measures taken by some states prior to the 1960s affected voter turnout among the African American citizens.?

Due to the facing of discrimination at the voting booth many African American citizens either did not vote or turned to alternate forms of political participation. Martin Luther King is an example of one African American who refused to be treated as though his existence did not deserve fairness.

Why don't Chinese people vote?

There could be various reasons for low voter turnout among some groups of Chinese people, such as lack of trust in the political system, feeling disconnected from the political process, or facing barriers to voting like difficulty in registering to vote or lack of information about how to vote. It's important to consider the specific context and factors influencing voter behavior in any group.

Voters must evaluate information presented in political campaigns to make and choices among candidates?

Yes it is very compulsory for a voter to evaluate the information of their political Parties whom they are going to vote because it gives the right idea that how much the political party are involved in solving the issues of the voters how they are responding in the approach of a voter.

What are the qualificatins for voting?

There are several qualifications for voting. Some of the basic requirements to make one an eligible voter include being a citizen and having attained the age of 18 years among others.

What do you have to vote for in a primary election?

Usually a primary serves to make a major party like the Democrats and the Republicans have just one candidate to field for a general election, so that the person has the best chance of unifying the party in their quest to win a political office. In the end however, it depends entirely on the voter, whether they want to vote for the most electable person, the person who will stop another person from winning an election, or to vote for someone who believes in what the voter believes in. Also, some primaries have ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments among other issues that could or could not appear on the November ballot depending on their support in the primary. Usually, primaries have a lower turnout than general elections, so it is important for winning candidates and issues to have great voter interest and show up at the polls rather than staying home.