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Paul Revere did the drawing. It was pure Propaganda and made to incite dislike of the British.

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What words are blanked out of Paul Revere's Bloody MAssacre poem?

If you are asking about his drawing of the Boston Massacre he doesn't have a poem just a drawing of it which was pure propaganda.

Who were the artists that painted the Boston Massacre?

The engraving was done by Paul Revere.

How drew a picture of the Boston massacre?

The famous engraving of the Boston Massacre was created by Paul Revere. Two other men, Henry Pelham and Jonathan Muliken also created drawings of the event.

What colony was the Boston massacre in?

The Boston Massacre was in the Massachusettes colony. (Boston, Massachusettes)

What would a drawing of the Boston Massacre look like?

A picture of the Boston massacre would have an angry mob of American colonists protesting against british soldiers. Some colonists would be dead due to the soldiers firing at the crowd.

What state did the Boston Massacre happen?

The Boston Massacre happened in Boston, Massachusetts.

What was the purpose of the Boston massacre?

the purpose of the Boston massacre was that the people in Boston didn't want the british in their "city", and that is what led up to the Boston massacre

Was the Boston massacre a massacre or a act of self defense?

the boston massacre was an act of murder

Who was Hugh white from Boston massacre?

A guard from the Boston Massacre.

What incident led parliament to withdraw nearly all of the townshend acts?

The Boston Massacre

What town did the Boston Massacre happen in?

The Boston Massacre happened in Boston (hence the name).

How do you use Boston Massacre in a sentence?

The Boston Massacre was a famous event in history.We studied the Boston Massacre in class. What year was the Boston Massacre?