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There were two presidents who served during the Reconstruction period. Abraham Lincoln, whose primary goal was putting the Union back together again after the war and his vice president, Andrew Johnson who assumed the presidency after Lincoln's death. Johnson completely dismantled all the Reconstruction programs, and abruptly stated it was over, due to his loyalty to secessionists.

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Q: WHo was the president during the reconstruction?
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What Tennessean was president during reconstruction?

Andrew Johnson , who was from Tennessee ,was the President during the beginning of Reconstruction.

Is Andrew Johnson the reconstruction president?

He was president during the early part of reconstruction.

What president was impeached during reconstruction era?

Andrew Johnson was impeached during reconstruction era.

Who was president during the Reconstruction Acts?

Andrew Johnson.

When is president Andrew Jackson death?


Who was the president during reconstruction and how did he become president?

Andrew Johnson was the vice-president and became president when President Lincoln was killed. Johnson was the president during the first four years of reconstruction. US Grant presided over the next eight years.

Who disagreed with congress about reconstruction?

no one was against the president during reconstruction but the south was against some of the laws that he made during that time

What president did the us impeach during reconstruction?

Andrew Johnson

What president was impeached during the Reconstruction era?

Andrew Johnson

Who was the president during the majority of the Reconstruction?

U. S. Grant was the President from March 4,1869 to March 4, 1877 which included most of the Reconstruction period.

Who fought to restrict African American rights during reconstruction?

President Andrew Jackson restricted African American rights during reconstruction. Blacks were excluded from southern politics. Radical Reconstruction occurred from 1867 to 1877

What president during reconstruction?

Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S. Grant were the Presidents during the reconstruction period. Reconstruction is usually considered to have ended when Rutherford Hayes took office or soon afterward.