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debroah was a patriot

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Q: Was Deborah a patriot or loyalist?
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Was Deborah Sampson a loyalist or a Patriot?

she was a patriot.

Was Deborah Sampson a loyalist?

Deborah Sampson was a Patriot. She dressed in men's clothing and volunteered to fight the British/Loyalist forces.

Was Thomas Jefferson a loyalist or patriot?

a patriot not a loyalist he was a patriot

Was Alexander Hamilton a Patriot or Loyalist?

he was an absolute patriot my children

Was James forten a patriot or a loyalist?

He was a Loyalist

Was Patrick Henry patriot or a loyalist?

Patric Henry was a patriot.

Was John Andre a loyalist or a patriot?

John Andre was a loyalist.

Was Ethiopian Regiment a patriot loyalist or neutral?


Was Sybil a patriot or a loyalist?

She was a patriot.

Was john Murray a patriot or a loyalist or a neutral?

He was a loyalist

Is jonh adams a patriot or loyalist?


Was the ethiopian regiment a loyalist or patriot?