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He had views both for Federalist and Anti-Federalist. He did not sign the Constitution because it did not meet the Republican needs but later signed the ratification and changed his view.

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Yes, he was a federalist. Go to Wikianswers, type in "Edmund Randolph" and it says it down the side.

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Q: Was Edmund randolph an anti-federalist
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What was Edmund Randolph's color?

Edmund Randolph was white.

Is Edmund Pendleton as federalist or an antifederalist?

He was a federalist

What did Edmund randolph want to do away with?

Edmund Randolph wanted to do away with the power of the government.

Who was the first attorney general?

Edmund Randolph.

Is John Randolph .edmund randolphs dad?

Yes edmund the famous politician's father is John randolph

Who was the first U.S. attorney general?

Edmund Randolph was the Attorney General in Washington's first cabinet.

When did Edmund randolph marry?

Randolph married Elizabeth Nicholas in 1776.

What was Edmund Randolph wife's name?

Lady Susana Beverly Randolph

Where did Edmund randolph go to school at?


What is the birthday of Edmund Randolph?

The date of birth of Edmund Randolph is August 10, 1753. Edmund Randolf was well known for being an American attorney and the seventh Governor of Virginia.

When did Edmund randolph die?

It is unknown how edmund randolph died but he did become ill a few weeks before his death.

Who was the attorney general in 1789?

Edmund Randolph