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No, George Washington was chosen more fpr his personal and political attributes.

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Q: Was George Washington chosen commander of the American army more for his abilities than for personal political attributes?
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Political offices Committees George Washington took part in?

George Washington was the delegate to the First Continental Congress from Virginia. He went on to be the delegate to the Second Continental Congress. He was also the Commander-in-Chief of the continental Army as well as the first President of the United States.

Who is the commander of the US?

The political leader of the USA is the President. The Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces is also the President.

Who was in Washington's party?

Washington was a member of no political party.

What was George Washington's political affiliations?

George Washington was a "Federalist," although in his time, there weren't clear-cut political parties. Washington himself was set against any divisions brought on by political parties.

What are some quotes from political leader in Italy?

Washington Washington

Did Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had opposing political views that led to the creation of two political parties.?

No. Washington didn’t believe in political parties and there weren’t political parties in 1789.

Did Washington approve of political parties?

George Washington

What qualifications made Washington become the 1st president?

Washington was very well respected. He had started his political career in the Virginia House of Burgesses and when the revolution started he was commander of American forces. At the constitutional convention he sat as it's president and to the delegates he was the only man that could be considered for president.

What political office must also serve the role of commander of chief?

The President of the US is Commander in Chief of the US Military Forces.

Why didn't president Washington belong to any political party?

President Washington did not belong to any political party because political parties did not exist when this nation was founded.

Is it true that George Washington favored the system of political parties?

Actually George Washington was extremely against the use of the political system. Washington himself didn't involve himself in a political party and in his farewell address, he warned against the political party system and stressed that the United States should stay neutral in order to survive.

Why didnt George Washington have a political party?

he did not believe in political parties