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Yes, they were neightbors and they wrote letters to each other, but Sally was married.

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Q: Was George Washington in love with Sally Fairfax?
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Who was George Washington talking about when he said you love him as your own son?

The marquis de lafatette

How did George Washington help others?

He was the 1 president and he thought so he could see whats best for the United States. George was a great leader to the soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary war according to the soldier and he also found out what it meant to be in love with Martha Washington so he treated others lovingly like he did with Martha Washington. Made by a kid in California

Who was involved in the battle of Trenton?

They won the Trenton battle because George Washington planned a surprise attack on December 25, 1776. He chose that date because the Hessians would be having fun with their families and would not have as much people working on duty rather than on normal days when their are a lot of guards or soldiers on duty.

Why did Dolley Madison want to save the portrait of General Washington?

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With a heart full of love and gratitude i now take my leave of you?

This was part of General Washington's farewell address to his officers in 1783. The American Revolution had ended, and George Washington fulfilled what he had promised to do at the beginning of the war, put down the sword and return to regular life. Many of his soldiers wanted him to become king. Washington would hear of it. So as soon as the lat British soldier boarded a ship to return to England, Washington resigned his commission as not only General of the armed forces but Commander in Chief.

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Which wife did George Washington really love?

William Fairfax's wife, Sally.

Who was Sally Fairfax?

Sally Fairfax was the wife of George William Fairfax, a member of the landed gentry of colonial Virginia. Fairfax was the woman that George Washington appeared to be in love with at the time of his marriage to Martha Dandridge Custis.

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Who was George Washington talking about when he said you love him as your own son?

The marquis de lafatette