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The Jamestown settlement was largely abandoned by the time of the Revolutionary War. The first battle of the revolution was in Boston and this area was a hotbed of revolutionary activity.

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Q: Was Jamestown patriot or loyalist Where did the patriots live?
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What were the similarities the Patriot and the Loyalist had?

They both were British people or you can say Englishmen. The also lived the same way just difference partys. To add on to what I saying the only thing about them living the same way is that the rich patriots and loyalist live alike, the mid rich patriots and loyalist live the same, and the poor patriots and loyalists live the very same. This is just some ways they are alike.

What is the difference between patriots are loyalists?

This is completely an opinion question. a loyalist is someone loyal to the country they came from, and a patriot is someone loyal to the country they live in. (example: someone moved from England to Canada. If they support England, they're a loyalist. If they support Canada, they're a patriot)

Was it better or be a patriot or a loyalist?

Looking at the question in terms of the American Revolution overall, it was better to be a patriot than a loyalist. But the question could also be looked at in specification of time and place. For the loyalists or patriots, it was better to live in an area that had higher concentrations of your side. A loyalist living a patriot concentrated area faced much hardship throughout the war. Their property could be destroyed and their health and family harmed due to one's allegiance. This could also be applied vice versa. Also, remember that the British army occupied cities during the war. In these areas occupied, patriots were forced to flee or remain low profile in the district. At the conclusion of the war, the patriots cause prevailed. Many loyalists packed up and moved to Canada or other areas of British allegiance. So, in the end, both sides felt their fair share of hardships during the war, only the patriots won the war.

What is the meaning of the PATRIOT?

A patriot is defined as someone who fully supports the country live in. Patriots are generally prepared to fight against any enemies that may threaten their country.

Who inspired a nation of patriots to fight for the revolution by saying give you liberty or give you death?

to patriots it meant, give us freedome or we'd rather be killed than to live under tyranny. but to loyalist it just gave a deeper explanation of what the patriots wanted. im not that sure about what this quote meant to loyalists

Where did the neutralists live?

First of all, it's "where" not "were". If you are talking about loyalist and patriot kind of neutralists then let me tell you that neutralists living in regular homes. They just didn't take any sides. Loyalists are colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain (EXAMPLE: Thomas Hutchinson), patriots are colonists who wanted independence (EXAMPLE: Mercy Otis Warren) and neutralists were colonists who took neither sides. Hope this helped!! :D

How did the patriots and loyalists compare?

One way that Patriots and Loyalists are similar is that they are both types of colonists that lived in the British 13 colonies. Another way that Patriots and Loyalists are similar is that they both were involved in the American Revolution.

Why the loyalist did not want to leave England?

they did not want to live there mother country

What city do patriots live at?


Where did patriots live?

The New England Patriots play at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.

What did the Jamestown colony colonist live in?

They built simple houses in and around the fort at Jamestown, Virginia.

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