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yes, he was a president. He was our first president who succeeded to 6 other presidents. Gorge Washing ton was not our first president.

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Q: Was Joseph hanson a president
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What president resinged from office?

the president that resigned is john Hanson

Who was the first black president in the 1700s?

John Hanson

Who was the first USA President?

The first President was not George Washington it was John Hanson. John Hanson was the president during the revolutionary war and was owned by England. George Washington was elected autonomously when America was a country of its own.

What was president John Hanson's nationality?

John Hanson was born in America of English descent. ( He was not black, if that is what you really want to know. There was a balck John Hanson who was a prominent citizen in Liberia .

Was john hanson black or white?

John Hanson was not black but he did serve as the president of the first Continental Congress and so is sometimes referred to as the first president. (There was a black John Hanson who was a prominent Senator in Liberia. People get the two confused from time to time. ) The American John Hanson served as President (1781-1782) under the Articles of Confederation. Hanson's position as president was not at all like the position of President under the United States Constitution. His main job was to chair meetings of the convention and serve as a sort of corresponding secretary for the Congress when it was not in session. Therefore, even though Hanson was in some sense the first president he get only a minor mention in the history books. He was honored by the US Postal Service with a postal card in 1972 and a commemorative stamp in 1981.

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Who is Joseph Hanson?


When was Edward Joseph Hanson born?

Edward Joseph Hanson was born on 1878-09-05.

When did Edward Joseph Hanson die?

Edward Joseph Hanson died on 1950-10-26.

When was John Hanson the President?

There has never been a U.S. President or Vice President named Hanson.

When was John Hanson President of Congress?

Hanson was president of the continental congress for one year, beginning November, 1781

What was john hanson's position in government?

Hanson was the first president of the Continental Congress and thus in some sense the first president of America.

What president resinged from office?

the president that resigned is john Hanson

Who is Gregory Hanson?

Gregory Hanson is the Chief Executive Officer of Hanson Logistics. He has held this position since 2003. Before this position, he was president.

Who was really the first president?

John Hanson

Where was John Hanson inauguration held?

Hanson, John 1st Continental Congress 1781 John Hanson elected 1st "President of the US in Congress assembled" - Hanson, John ACI International -John Hanson

What race was John Hanson?

John Hanson, the first president of congress, was white; John Hanson, a part of the American Colonization Society, was African-American.

What year was John Hanson president of US?

He Wasn't Ever President Of The U.S!