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The Articles of Confederation do not mention slavery in any way. This absence does not mean slavery was forbidden; rather, since there was no express ban of slavery under the Articles, slavery was indeed permitted in the U.S. under these statutes.

Similarly the original Constitution does not mention slavery. Rather, in Article I, section 2, clause c, slaves are indicated in the phrase "and excluding Indians not taxed, three-fifths of all other persons." while in Article I, section 9, clause a, Congress is forbidden to an the slave trade until 1808 at the earliest. Similarly article IV, section 2, clause c, established the first fugitive slave ordinance under the new Constitution.

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Slavery was neither permitted nor prohibited in the Articles of Confederation or the U.S. Constitution. It was at the discretion of the states.

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Q: Was Slavery permitted under the original constitution?
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Was slavery permitted under the articles of confederation and under the original constitution?


Was slavery permitted under the constitution?


Which statement most accurately explains why the institution of slavery was continued under the original constitution of the US?

southern states would not agree to a constitution that banned slavery

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Wisconsin is part of the Union, and slavery is prohibited under Federal Law and the US Constitution. It may also be prohibited under the Wisconsin Constitution as well.

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Something that is not permitted by the constitution is unconstitutional and illegal.

Alexander Hamilton argued that the Constitution permitted the creation of the Bank of the US under the?

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slavery and prohibition, respectively the 13th and 21st amendments

Slavery was permited under the original constitution or the articles of confederation or neither or both?

slavery was no constituted be either one. In articles of confederation, the confederation was a league between states or corporations, they did not recognize the character in the state governments except what the corporate charters or state constitutions authorized. none of the state constitutions of that day recognized slavery, but the confederation of the state governments could not of course recognize it. The original constitution mentions nothing upon slavery, until the 13th amendment was passed in senate April 8, 1864 and house on January 31,1865. constitution created September 17,1787 and ratified on June 21, 1788

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Popular Sovereignty

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it stated that a black man was counted as 2/3 of a person

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The original US Constitution was finished on September 17, 1787. The Government began operating under the Constitution on March 4, 1789

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No, it wasn't until the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920 that women were granted suffrage.