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Sybil Ludington was a Caucasian and rode through the streets to warn of the British troops twice. She was 16 years old. Her work was similar to Paul Reveres.

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Q: Was Sybil Ludington African American
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What African American fought at concord?

peter salem-1750

Did Sybil ludington go to high school or college?

sybil ludington was not educated unlike her brothers

Did Sybil Ludington have a mom?

Sybil Ludington's mother was Abigail Ludington.

What part did Sybil Ludington play in the American revolution?


Who was Sybil Ludington's husband?

Sybil Ludingtons father was a colonel. He needed someone to gather up his troop so that is what Sybil Ludington did.

Sybil ludington's horse?

Sybil Ludington's horse was Star

Whose side was sybil ludington on the rev war?

As descendants of Sybil and our genealogy research, her father was a Col. Henry Ludington in the Army of the American Revolution.

How was sybil ludington brave?

She warned the American army about the British

Who was Sybil Ludington's father?

Henry Ludington

Does sybil ludington have any talents?

sybil ludington does have talents her talents are horse riding

How old was sybil ludington when she had her son?

Sybil Ludington was 31 years old when she had her first child

Who did sybil ludington married?

Sybil Ludington married Edmund Ogden on October 24, 1784.