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Yes! it broke down congresses power and focused on giving power to the executive branch aka the president.

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Q: Was The New Deal concentrated power in the hands of executive?
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The new deal concentrated power in the hands of which sector of the government?

The New Deal placed most of the power in the hands of the Executive Branch of government. The New Deal was started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Who has executive power in Florida?

In the US state of Florida, the top executive with a good deal of power is the governor. This is true with all states within the USA.

Which government branch increased its power as new deal programs and federal agencies were created?


How did the new deal coalition affect the balance of power in the House of Representatives and the executive branch?


The gain in the power of the executive branch during the new deal led some commentators to speak of the rise of the?

imperial presidency

Which of the following describes a situation in which a president negotiates a deal directly between the executive branch and a foreign government?

an executive agreement

Why was the Iran Nuclear Agreement an executive agreement?

The Iran Nuclear Agreement was an executive agreement because Obama chose to name it an executive agreement. There is nothing in the Agreement that makes it an executive agreement as opposed to a treaty, but Obama was well aware that a treaty requires two-thirds approval by the Senate and he could not count on two-thirds of Senators approving the agreement. As a result, he chose to make it an executive agreement, which only needs an up or down vote from half of the senators.

Most casework requests deal with congress intervening with?

An executive Agency

What is the meaning of striking hands in the book of proverbs?

It's like shaking hands on a deal.

Do you need to shake hands on a deal?

you do not need to shake hands to make a deal, it is a myth that people believe you need to do but the only reason people started doin it after a deal is made to show a sign of friendship

Can the house of representives help make an employer pay you wages?

No. as a legislature, the House has no executive power. To deal with wage disputes, you contact the Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division or your state employment agency.

Identify two instances in which a president has sought to expand executive power?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt added justices to the Supreme Court so he would have a majority to validate his New Deal policies. Recent presidents have used executive orders to bypass Congress, as well as engaging in undeclared wars.