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Q: Was Vicente Pinzon and Martin Pinzon brothers or cousins?
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Who were the two brothers who commanded the Nina and the Pinta?

The names of the ships were the Niña and the Pinta, but I'm not sure about the brothers. It sounds intriguing, though, and I hope someone comes through with an answer. My bet is that they were from Spain, though, because most, if not all, of Columbus' crews were from Spain, where he lived most of his adult life. His only descendants, to this day, are Spaniards. He was, after all, sailing for Spain.

Did christopher columbus get along with martin pinzon?

he was a spanish mariner, ship builder, navigator, explorere, and the oldest of the pinzon brothers

Who did vicente y pinzon work for?


Who were some famous people with the name Pinzon?

Some famous people that are named the unusual name Pinzon include Vincent Pinzon a Spanish navigator, explorer, and Martin Pinzon sailed with Christopher Columbus. These two Pinzon were brothers and Vincent was the older one.

Who is the captain for Nina ship?

Vicente Yanez Pinzon

Who were the captains of the three ships Columbus had?

Christopher Columbus or Cristobal Colon used 3 ships for his voyages. He was the captain-general of Santa Maria. Martin Alonso Pinzon was the captain of Pinta and Vincente Yanez Pinzon, the captain of Nina.

Who were the captians of la pinta la Nina and la santa maria?

Pinzon Brothers - Martin and Vincent

Who sailed the Santa Maria vessel?

Francisco Martin, one of the three Pinzon brothers who were friends of Christopher Columbus.

How many brothers and or sisters did Bartolomeu Dias have?

his brothers and sisters names were stupid and stupider

Who researched Columbus's plan?

martin pinzon

Who researched Christopher Columbus' plan?

Martin Pinzon

Who killed Martin Alonso Pinzon?

Mindella Vasquez killed him.