Was William Dawes important

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes he was important. He did a big role just like Paul Revere. They both lived in Lexington. They were departed by the city to tell all the towns that the british were coming. They made it to all of them in about three days. That is fast. Use:What next, Paul Revere, Book

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Q: Was William Dawes important
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What has the author William Dawes written?

William Dawes has written: 'The works of William Dawes'

What was William Dawes contribution to society?

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Who did William Dawes work for?

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How did William dawes get captured?

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Who did William Dawes work work?

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How did William Dawes contribute to the Revolutionary War?

William Dawes had a very important role during the Revolutionary War. He was one of the many people that warned of approaching British troops.

How many wifes did William Dawes have?

William Dawes had two wifes.

What is william dawes' middle name?

It is William actually, his birth name is John William Dawes.

When did William Dawes Miller die?

William Dawes Miller died in 1993.

When was William Dawes Miller born?

William Dawes Miller was born in 1918.

Who avoided capture while spreading the news that the british were coming?

William Dawes..i think

In which state did William dawes live in?

William Dawes lived in Boston, New York!!!!!!!!