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Q: Was it possible for George Washington to eat popcorn?
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How do eat the popcorn in Club Penguin?

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How to eat the popcorn at the HQ in club penguin?

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Did George Washington eat gold?


Did George Washington eat cheese?

yes he did

What did George Washington eat at breakfast?

George Washington liked Indian Hoecakes, cornbread topped with butter and honey.

Did George Washington eat human feet?

no he didn't

Who was the first person to eat a cheeseburger?

George Washington

What did George Washington Carver like to eat?


Did George Washington eat red meat?

no he was vegan

Did the Iroquois eat popcorn?

Yes the iroquois did eat popcorn the grew corn then cooked it to make popcorn

What did George Washington eat for beakfast?

a scon rapped in foil

What was George Washington's hobbies was as a president?

eat ice cream