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yes, it was! one vote per state would not represent the people, and would cause the new government of states joined together during the Revoulutionary War to break away from each other. New York was a highly poulated state filled with people seeking their freedoms, and the entire state would be represented by only one vote!

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Q: Was one vote per state a weakness of the new government why or why not?
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Because people like you think it does. Use your vote, get a new government.

What does Australian democracy mean?

an Australian democracy is a "representative democracy" they can not vote for new laws but they can vote for leaders like a federal leader (prime minister) state government or local

How was power in congress divided under the articles of confederation?

The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution and to have new central government. States did not give up much of their power. They only had 1 vote in Congress. However, there was only one branch of the central government and that was Congress. The states still conducted the state government for their state.

How many votes did each state have under the articles of confederation?

Under the Articles of the Confederation, which was adopted during the American Revolution as the basis of the new government, each state had one vote on pieces of legislation. Under this system, a 3/4 vote was necessary to pass new laws and a unanimous vote was required to add amendments to the Articles.

What was the plan of government called that included a one-house legislature in which each state would have one vote?

Jersey Plan!

What is the capital of new hemisphere the state which cast the deciding vote to ratify the Constitution?

What is the capital of new hemisphere the state which cast the deciding vote to ratify the constitution

How does New York state typically vote?


Which New England state gave women the right to vote?

New Hampshire

What is the government of new south Wales?

The Government of New South Wales is the government that governs that state of New South Wales. The state parliament of the NSW Government is in the city of Sydney which is the capital city of the state of New South Wales in Australia.

What was the first state to give females the right to vote?

Although New Jersey allowed some women to vote between 1790 and 1807 (those with property), Wyoming was the first state to grant the general right to vote, through an act of the territorial legislature in 1869 that carried into statehood in 1890. The state of Colorado approved women's right to vote in 1893.

In a parliamentary form of government how can the prime minister determine if members support him or her policies?

By seeking a vote of confidence. If the Prime Minister loses, he typically must submit his resignation and a new government is appointed by parliament or the head of state.

What state constitution of 1776 allowed women to vote?

New Jersey