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Q: Was puerto rico ever a country?
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Which country's residents became citizen of the US in 1917?

Puerto Rico

How many people must live in Puerto Rico for it to become a colony?

It is quite unlikely that Puerto Rico will ever become some country's colony again.

What country owns Toa Baja Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico.

Is Puerto Rico a developed country?

It's not US territory is a part but it is a country dumb

Is Puerto Rico a small?

For a country yes Puerto Rico is relatively small

How Puerto Rico and Miami are the SAME?

puerto rico and mimi is not in the same country

Is Ponce a country in Puerto Rico?

Ponce is a city from Puerto Rico, USA.

Which country has more wealth dominican republic or Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico

What is the mother country of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico was once a part of Spain.

Country with capital city San Juan?

Puerto Rico

Has it ever rained in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has a rain forest meaning raining in Puerto Rico is common.

Is Puerto Rico its own country?

No, it's a non-incorporated US territory (or colony, if you wish).