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No, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution were class struggles. The American Revolution was a war for independence from a tyrannical super power who was taxing the fledgling colonies unfairly and excessively.

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Q: Was the American Revolution a class struggle?
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How were the french and American revolution alike and different?

The French revolution was a class struggle and social revolution similar to a civil war. The American revolution was a colonial insurrection in which the colonies were fighting for autonomy.

Was the American revolution a struggle for power?


What was the main events in the American Revolution?

Struggle for democratic goverment

Why did America intervened in the fight between Spain and Cuba?

America saw the similarities between the struggle in Cuba and the struggle they faced in the American Revolution. They felt a kinship to their cause.

Did John Hancock struggle?

He struggled against the British in the American Revolution.

What was the role of the middle class in the American Revolution?


How does the will of Louis XVI relate to class struggle?

Louis XVI's will and indecision relate to class struggle because he was not capable of making the decisions required to keep the people afloat, while the aristocracy thrived, which in turn caused the French Revolution.

Differences between french revolution and Indian freedom struggle?

American freedom struggle is through wars and bloodshed killing the Native Indians whereas the Indian struggle was a peaceful one - though with the blood of the sacrifices of martyrs..

When did The Class Struggle - magazine - end?

The Class Struggle - magazine - ended in 1919.

What did the American revolution give rise to as far as its citizens were concerned?

the working class

How did the American Revolution undermine the class system erected during colonial times?

Originally the American Revolution enforced the class based system against monopolistic corporations in the United States; this didn't last long however.

What problems did they have in Carolina in the 1700s?

they had problems with their westward expansion. It was a huge struggle for them another part is they were a part of the American revolution. Idk what year that was though