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Q: Was the Berbers the first empire to develop in Africa?
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What are the accomplishments of Sargon the Great?

Sargon was able to develop a military style that allowed him to conquer neighboring cities. He controlled much of the Mesopotamian area. He built roads and new cities. He was a good administrator and placed someone close to him in each of the captured cities. His daughter, Enheduanna, was a great writer, the first author to be known by name.

British empire in 1750?

the british were up to many things in that time frame,need a little more informatioin on what your looking for. Seconded. What are you looking for, more specifically? Historians typically divide British colonial history into at least two distinct Empires; the First Empire lasted until the American Revolution (1775-1783), while the Second began as the British shifted focus from the Americas to Asia and Africa. the year 1750 would fall under the First British Empire, if that helps.

What do many historians say was the first great ancient empire?

Many historians cite the first Egyptian empire as the first great ancient empire. Some of them use the date of 3100 BC BCE and cite King Narmer as the first leader of it. From my understanding other historians believe there is a doubt about this and offer other ancient empires as being the first.

What did the world's first empire include?

Sargon, Mesopotamia.

Who established the worlds first empire?

The first recorded true empire was established by Sargon of Akkad (the Great). This occurred about 2250 BC in the Mesopotamia region that is presently Iraq and Syria.