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No the Constitution was written in the 1780's. America signed a Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.

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Q: Was the US Constitution the document that allowed America to be free of England?
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What document allowed the colonists to sever their ties with England?

Declaration of Independence

What was the importance if England's Bill of Rights?

It allowed for the bloodless over throw of king james2

Which article of the constitution allowed it to be an up to date document?

GAHHH im looking for the same thing grrr stupied homeschooll >:(

Which document allowed the government to organize militias?

The US Constitution allowed the government to provide for a well-organized militia. The question of what people comprise the militia comes from a 1926 bill from Congress.

What document is the most important to your country It sets up rules for your government by spelling out exactly what each branch and level of government is allowed to do?

The Constitution.

Is stoning allowed in America?

No, stoning is not allowed in America. The practice of stoning is not legal under the laws of the United States and would be considered a form of cruel and unusual punishment, which is prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Why did Sam Houston lose as Governor of Texas?

Because he refused to take an oath to the Confederate States of America.

What did the glorious revolution allow the colonists of the new England to do?

End the policies that allowed the Church of England to exist in New England.

How did America gain independence?

the constitution and bill of right allowed US to gain independence from the UK during the revolutionary war these were signed in philladelphia

What is the us constitucion?

The US Constitution is a document that lays out the bylaws and principle this great nation was founded on. It also defines the structure of our government, including all kinds of procedures for passing and enforcing laws, powers and limits of the different branches of the government, and even explains how the Constitution itself can be changed when that is necessary. There have been 27 amendments to the Constitution so far. It is in effect, the proclamation by which The People literally founded The United States of America.

What was true about President Jefferson's decision to buy the Louisiana Territory?

He was unsure if the purchase was allowed by the constitution.

Why are serbians not allowed in England or Ireland?

Your question is misinformed. Serbians are allowed into Ireland and England.