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When contemporary observers look back to the Constitutional Convention of 1787, through which the foundation for the present 'republican' form of American government was laid, it is difficult not to think that one would most certainly have voted to ratify the Constitution. The ensuing history of the United States has been too full of positives for most present-day Americans to consider seriously that an alternative form of government would have been preferable. Given the massive size and power of today's American federal government, which has become increasingly invasive despite its undeniably positive accomplishments, however, one could conceivably look back to 1787 and think that voting against that particular Constitution might have been wiser.

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no. it was ratified on june 21 1788

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Q: Was the constitution ratified in 1787?
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When was that constitution ratified?

u.s. constitution was ratified on September 17, 1787

When was the Constitution ratified at the convention?

The Constitution was ratified December 7, 1787.

Why was the US Constitution ratified in 1787 and the Constitution ratified in 1978?

because tebow prayed

On which day in September 1787 was the constitution ratified?

It was September 17 1787.

When was Amendment 4 ratified?

It was ratified in 1787, because: 1787 Constitution---->Bill Of Rights=First 10 Amendments

What year was the constitution was ratified?

The US Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788.

Why is 1787 important in US history?

The U.S. Constitution was ratified. Constitution Day.

What document was complete in 1787?

The U.S. Constitution was completed in 1787. Although it had been written earlier, it was not ratified by the states until 1787.

Which three states ratified the constitution with a wide margin of votes by the end of 1787?

Delaware, New Jersey, and Georgia ratified the Constitution with a wide margin of votes by the end of 1787.

Who was the president when the constitution was ratified?

No one. The Constitution was ratified in 1787, and the first presidential election took place in 1788.

What year was the State Constitution of Pennsylvania ratified?

On December 12, 1787.

When were the articles of confederations made?

They were ratified in 1781, and were replaced by the constitution in 1787.