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Yep- the the wild world of Frasier.

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Q: Was the declaration of independence written on a grain of rice?
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What is the name of a grain of rice?

a grain of rice

Is rice a natural grain?

Rice as a whole grain is a natural grain.

What is one grain of rice called?

One grain of rice is called a grain of rice. The plural form is grains of rice.

Is rice a vegetable?

No, rice is a grain.

What do you Call a single grain of rice?

a grain of rice

Is a grain of rice a root?

No a grain of rice is not a root.

What has the author Eleanor Hartstone written?

Eleanor Hartstone has written: 'Rice grain porcelain' -- subject(s): Art collections, Chinese Porcelain, Rice grain porcelain 'Family connections' -- subject(s): Genealogy

What has the author Bruce Weinstein written?

Bruce Weinstein has written: 'Grain mains' -- subject(s): Grain, COOKING / Specific Ingredients / Rice & Grains

How much sodium in rice?

Rice, brown, long grain, cooked-10mg Rice, white, long grain, par-boiled-5mg Rice, white, long grain, dry-9mg Rice, white, long grain, instant-5mg Rice, white, long grain, regular, cooked-2mg

Where does rice go in the food pyramid?

Rice goes into the grain pyramid because rice is a grain and it can be farmed.

Is rice a grass or a grain?

true rice is a grain; grains are the seeds from grasses

Is wild rice a grain product?

Rice is grain, whether wild or cultivated.