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The Spoils System was first used by president Andrew Jackson. This system was pretty simple; when someone (ex: a senator) would run for an office position (ex: the presidency) and would win, he would use his new powers (as president) to give his big supporters positions (such as the presidential cabinet). This did two main things: it gave others incentive to also support that person, and it ensured that the person (president) was only surrounded by people who agreed with that person's viewpoints - thus, making it easy for the person (president) to accomplish his or her agenda (and pass or veto whatever bills he/she wanted to). Due to the use of this system, many new U.S Presidents were able to mold the country into the shape that he wanted much more easily; however, whether it was good or bad is more of a subjective (opinionated) question. It's up to you to decide that.

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Q: Was the spoils system good or bad for American politics?
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The way politics,today plays out and the politicians behave, it seems that politics is inherently bad.But can the society not be worse without politics?Yes,it will be.Our civilisation has not yet evolved to a stage where policiations and politics can be discarted.Politicians are the necessary evil.Instead of discarding the science of politics,it has to be reformed.Political reform has to be brought about on the pattern of other reforms. Improvements in the political system need to be brought on two fronts.One by enacting laws and strengthening judicial system,and other by building up character of politicians.Of course,much headway has been achieved on legal reformation,but nothing concrete has been done on character-building.There has been constant deterioration in character of politicians over a period of time.Concentration of immense power at the hands of politicians,has made them autocratic.It gives them leeway to do whatever they want to do.Quite recently, growing cases of arbitrariness,corrupt practices,discriminatory treatments at the hands of those in political power has risen by leaps and bound giving bad name to politics and politics.What politicians lack badly today,is character, Character has to be built up.

The Mita system was a good government policy why or why not?

do you think the mita system was a good goverment policy why or wht not

Was the mita system a good government policy?


What is cryonyism?

Cronyism is a kind of favoritism where those with power appoint friends, or "cronies", to other positions of power. It is thus a system where success in politics depends much on who you know. In economics, crony capitalism is the same, where getting rich depends more on who you know than on being good at your job.

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Jackson actually defended the spoils system on democratic grounds. He thought "Every man is as good as his neighbor, perhaps equally better"

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No, the spoils system, which rewards political supporters with government positions, is not considered a good idea in today's America. It can lead to corruption, favoritism, and inefficiency in government operations. A merit-based system is generally seen as a more fair and effective way to fill government positions.

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