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Q: Was there an island where half white and aborigie children were bombed?
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Who was involved in the stolen generation?

The children of Australian Aboriginal peoples were affected most by the Stolen Generation. This is because they are the Stolen Generation. They were taken away from their families for the sake of assimilation.

What percent of kids went to school in the 1800?

The rich white kids went to school. The poor white children could not afford to go to school. Black folks went to separate school for lesser black people in the community.

Which US President banned a live Christmas tree from the White House for environmental reasons?

Theodore Roosevelt is the president that banned a live Christmas Tree in the White House for conservation reasons. However his children did sneak one into their room and defied their fathers wishes.

How did Americans Indians resist attempts to assimilate them into white culture?

They didn’t need to resist. The white culture didn’t want them. They wanted them dead or on reservations starving. Native American children were removed to government schools. These schools didn’t allow them to practice their traditions, native languages, and made them wear clothing that wasn’t traditional. These children stayed at the schools until they were 21, but when they went home they weren’t accepted by their tribes and white cultures didn’t acccept them. Many killed them selves.

Why did John White the governor of Roanoke Island not return immediately from England with supplies the colony needed?

Spain was preparing to invade England. Spain and England were in a war and he could not reach his ship so he had to postpone his arrival to Roanoke.

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Was there a mission island in Australia?

There was an Island called 'Croker Island' which was run by the Uniting Church from about 1941 until the 1970's, in which part Aboriginal children were placed to be assimilated into the white culture. My grandmother was 4 years old girl when she was placed on the Island in during the war. The children were left on the island for at least 2 months after Darwin had been bombed...there was no 'Drover' to come and rescue them!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bathurst Island was most likely the one they had in mind when referring to a mission island in 'Australia'. You can find information about it here:

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