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  • yes there was freedom of speech in ancient athens.
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Theoretically, yes. However there were forbidden topics. Think if Socrates, executed for impiety, but in reality it was for teaching the youth to question established order and beliefs.

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Q: Was there freedom of speech in ancient Athens?
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Did ancient athens have freedom?

Probanly not because the had slaves then

How is the golden age of Athens is still present today?

freedom of speech and democracy.

Does Greece have freedom of speech?

Though Greece had kings and rulers. Each city-state did employ a form of democracy. Examples are Athens, which had a direct democracy and Sparta that had two kings and a council of elders.

Which society was the first to practice direct democracy?

ancient athens

Who had freedom in ancient Athens?

Adult male citizens. Women, children, slaves had no rights, being subject to their family or owners.

Is virtual freedom of speech the same as freedom of speech in other media outlets?

Is virtual freedom of speech the same of freedom of speech in other media outlets

Five freedoms in the first amendment?

the 5 freedoms are freedom of press. freedom of speech. freedom of religion. freedom of Assembly and freedom of petition

Do Germans have freedom of speech?

Yes they do have freedom of speech.

What are the democracy roots?

The roots of democracy can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Athens in ancient Greece, where citizens had a direct say in decision-making. The concept evolved over time and was further developed during the Enlightenment period in Europe. Modern democracy is characterized by principles such as political equality, freedom of speech, and the right to vote.

What is an example of individual right?

freedom of speech

What was the governments of ancient Athens like?

the goverment of ancient athens like a democracy

What are the good and bad things about Athens living stlye?

The good things about ancient Athens is, Athens is they had really good poets, they had great mathematics skills, they also have great artist. The bad things about ancient Athens is women didn't have many freedoms like the freedom to vote, go to the agora and all the things the men get to. Also another good things about Athens is it is still the capital of Greece, but Sparta is not a city anymore.