Washington cherry tree

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The famous Cherry tree that is associated with George Washington was supposedly killed by him as a boy. He hit it with his hatchet. It was his father's favorite tree.

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Q: Washington cherry tree
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What kind of a tree did george washington chop down?

A cherry tree It is a story. He did not really cut down a tree.

What does it mean george Washington choped down the cherry tree?

Actually, George Washington did not chop down a cherry tree, it is just a myth.

What is a Kwanzaa cherry?

It's a Japanese flowering cherry tree. Washington DC is famous for them.

What type of tree is George Washington famous cutting down?

Cherry tree

Did George Washington cut down cherry trees?

No- the cherry tree was a fabrication, but perhaps it did capture a true aspect of Washington's character.

What is George Washington's famous fruit?

Cherries, from the legend of him cutting down a cherry tree.

Which president is associated with not lying about a cherry tree?

George Washington

What did George Washington use when he cut the cherry tree?


What illegal plant did George Washington grow?

The Cherry Tree.

What type of tree is president George Washington famous for cutting down?

cherry tree

Did George Washington cut down a cherry tree or a cactus as they said on TV?

A cherry tree. Its not even possible to have cactus' in New England.

Did Washington make up the cherry tree story himself?

The Answer is False.