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Q: Website about the Revolutionary War About the revolutionary All the caused for the Revolutionary War Cause of Revolutionary War Causes of American Revolutionary War Causes of Revolutionary War Causes?
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What were some of the main causes of the red scare?

revolutionary activity in eastern europe along with strikes across the united states

What were the causes and outcomes of the battles at Lexington and Concord?

During the American Revolutionary Period, actions by both the American Patriots and the British authorities contributed to the confrontations that occurred at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. On the British side, the aggressive march into the Massachusetts countryside, with the goal of searching for and destroying hidden arms along with orders to arrest key revolutionary leaders, was a primary cause of the confrontations. On the Patriot side, defiant unwillingness to stand aside or watch passively as the British aggression occurred, not to overlook their prior storing of arms in countryside hiding-places, was yet another primary cause of the 'shot heard around the world' that was fired that day.

How did Robert Morris help the American revolution?

Robert Morris was an immigrant that came to America when he was just 13 years old. He supported the causes and beliefs of the colonists at the start of the Revolutionary War. He was the actual financier of the war and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Was the revolutionary war really a revolution?

A war. A revolution is the complete internal restrucuring of a society. A war is a contest carried out by force of arms. Americans fought a war of independance, they didn't restructure society like the french would in a few years.

What causes the federal government to borrow money?

Increased in value of money. If the currency increases in value then that means the amount owed by the government also gains in real value as well. As a result the government will do whatever it takes to inflate the debt away.

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Who were the bunker hill?

It's not a person. It was a battle between the Americans and British. It was one of the causes of the American Revolutionary War. They/we wanted independence.

Flow chart for causes and effects of revolutionary war?

The American Revolutionary War was a response to a number of acts by the British crown that imposed requirements and taxes on the colonists without meeting their needs. The effect was the establishment of the United States of America as an independent nation.

What causes the communist revolutionary in china to gain strength?

diet and exercise

What are 2 causes why the Revolutionary War started?

two causes for the war was taxation without representation and our independence are two of the many causes for the war.

Can you give me a list of causes for the Haitian revolutionary war?

chuck Norris caused this war with his beard.

What statement expresses an opinion about the causes of the revolutionary war?

The quartering act was a serious violation of the colonists' liberty.

What were the causes of the revolutionary war with the Proclamation of 1763?

The Revolutionary War was caused by many different events that gradually caused the American colonists to want their independence from Great Britian. One of these was the Proclamation of 1763, saying the colonists were not allowed to settle any lands past the Appalachian Mountains, with the hope of preventing conflicts with Native Americans because of the French and Indian War.

What mane causes of the civil war?

The same as for the Revolutionary War. Tariffs, taxation without representation, and unfair trade practices.

What were some of main causes of the red scare?

revolutionary activity in eastern Europe along with strikes across the united states

What were some of the main causes of the red scare?

revolutionary activity in eastern europe along with strikes across the united states

What are some significant causes of the Revolutionary War?

Some things were the acts, the way British troops treated others etc that caused the revolution war.

Many American black slaves sought their freedom during the revolution by?

Many American black slaves sought freedom by joining the troops fighting the Revolutionary War. Initially they joined by the Patriot and British causes. However, the Patriot Army stopped enlisting them in 1775 out of fear of armed revolt.