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94:10 He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know? [PSALMS 94:10.] Where any of the deligates qualified to choose the best?

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Q: Were many of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention right or wrong in their belief that ordinary citizens were not well informed enough to choose the best candidate for President of the US?
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How many foreign delegates were at the constitutional convention?

There were no foreign delegates at the constitutional convention.

What is the delegates main job at the national convention before nominating the parties candidate for president what is the delegates main job at the national convention?

To close it

What was one of the delegates first actions at the constitutional?

Elect a president of the Convention. A +LS

What term limits did the delegates of the constitutional convention place on the president?

4 years

The number of delegates who never attended the constitutional convention?

The number of delegates who never attended the constitutional convention?

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention voted to give the President a year term?

--->4 or four!

What does the selection of delegates from the national convention produce?

These are the people who will attend the convention for their states and will vote as a block for the candidate to run for president.

Who was delegated to the constitutional convention who went on to become president of the US?

James Madison and George Washington were both delegates to this convention.

What was the first thing the delegates did at the Constitutional Convention?

The Convention chose George Washington to preside over the meetings.

Which of the delegates present at the constitutional convention became the fourth president of the United States?

James Madison.

At the Constitutional Convention who did the delegates agree should elect the president?

George Washington

Who were the Pennsylvania delegates to the Constitutional Convention?