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While Patriots could be anyone who wanted the American colonies to be liberated from British subjugation and desired independence., Minutemen, though patriotic as well, were part if a well prepared military group. They had high mobility and responded to any aggression quickly. They were among to first to actually fight in the American Revolution.

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Q: Were minutemen the same thing as patriots?
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What is another name for patriots?


Minutemen American revolution?

Minutemen were patriots who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice.

What is another name for Massachusetts patriots?


What nickname did the patriots give to the British soldiers is Minutemen?

British soldiers were also called lobsterbacks because of their red uniforms. Some patriots were known as minutemen because of how quickly the could prepare for battle.

Is there such thing as secondmen if there is such thing as minutemen?


Is there such thing as hourmen if there is such thing as minutemen?


Name given to those who fought against Britain in the American Revolution?

Patriots minutemen

What football team is the same thing as proud americans?

The New England Patriots

What NFL team has a nickname of minutemen?

The New England Patriots' logo used to be a Minuteman getting ready to snap a football.

Why were the patriots in Massachusetts called minutemen?

Because their militia was so fast that when someone needed their help it felt like they got their in a minute.

Patriot soldiers who were prepared to assemble quickly from their home when needed?

During the American Civil War, the patriots who were prepared to assemble quickly in times of need became known as "minutemen". Utilized often in the early part of the war, the minutemen troops were gradually replaced by professional soldiers who remained in service for long periods of time.

Who sided with the minutemen?

The minutemen were supported by many Patriots, American colonists who opposed British rule during the American Revolutionary War. They received help from other militia groups, such as the Sons of Liberty, and individuals who sympathized with their cause. Notable figures like John Adams, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams also expressed their support for the minutemen.