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No, unless they worked in the church or with special permission from a clergy man.

slaves can go to church they just had to stand somewhere far away, like on a balacony. and that was almost never allowed

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Q: Were slaves allowed to go to church?
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What were slaves allowed to do?

Hi, slave were aloud to eat, go to the bathroom, and have shelter.

When was the slaves free time on a plantation and what did they do?

Most slaves had to work from sunrise to sunset. Some owners made their slaves work everyday, others allowed slaves one day off a month and some allowed their slaves to have Sundays as a rest day. Slaves would spend their free time mending huts, making pots and pans and relaxing. Some plantation owners allowed slaves a small plot of land to grow things to supplement their diet. Slaves were not allowed to read or write but some were allowed to go to church.

Is anyone allowed to go to a Pentecostal church?

Anyone is allowed to go to a Pentecostal church.

What did slave owners keep there slaves from doing?

Slaves owners deprived their slaves of the many things we, today, take for granted. Slaves were not allowed education, they were not allowed to go out how and when they wanted, they were not allowed to vote, they were not allowed to compain when they are abused, and slaves were not allowed to sleep in bed and wear proper clothing.

What schools did Harriett Tubman go to?

she did not go to school because slaves where not allowed to go to school

Are dogs allowed to go to church where does it say in the bible that dogs are not allowed in church?

1. Church rules are not based on the bible, BELIEFS are but not rules 2. Dogs are not allowed in church because they'd cause a ruckus

Why were slaves allowed to go to church?

Allowing slaves to attend church served as a way for slave owners to control and monitor their behavior, promote obedience and submission through Christian teachings, and instill the idea that slavery was divinely ordained. It also provided some spiritual comfort and hope for slaves in the midst of their harsh living conditions.

Why were slaves not allowed to go out after dark?

Slaves were not allowed to go out after dark due to fear of rebellion or escape attempts. Enslavers sought to control and restrict the movements of slaves to maintain power and prevent uprisings. Restricting their movements at night also made it easier to track and control their whereabouts.

What were lawyers allowed to do to their slaves in order to get information?

they were allowed to torture slaves in order to get info.

Is Michelle Obama allowed to mistreat her slaves?

Michelle Obama is not allowed to own slaves

Can demons go inside a church?

typically, they are not allowed to ... but they can if they are attached to a person first

Can slaves do what ever they want?

Slaves are only allowed to do what their owners allow them to do.