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The slaves held in the United States were officially, fully, and irrefutably set free with the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. However, this did not mean that the conditions for the former slaves improved in many areas.

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Q: Were the Black American Slaves really set free?
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The slave state with more free black people than slaves?

The slave state with more free black people than slaves was Virginia. Though there was much debate about whether the state should be considered a slave state or free state due to the number of free slaves.

How did the black slaves become free?


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Where the slaves really free?

Some slaves thought they would be free if they worked hard, but their masters would just keep them if they worked well. If they were bad their master would kill them, so no, the slaves were not really free.

Did abraham lincoln free the blacks?

Not exactly, he freed the slaves, not all slaves were black.

What were places in Canada for free slaves?

There were many places in Canada for black slaves. Such as Buxton.

Were African Americans slaves during the revolution?

During the American revolution, there were black slaves, black former slaves that had paid off their indenture, and free black people. However, the concept of the evil of slavery was a hot topic at the time. President Washington and others made moves to abandon slavery for the country. Too bad he never freed his own slaves . . .

What was the goal of the American colonization society (ACS)?

establish an independent state in Africa for freed American slaves.

How was life different for plantation slaves city slaves and free black slaves?

There is a bit of misunderstanding here concerning slavery. There were no "city slaves" and any African American in the south was a slave. To leave the plantation they had to have a pass. On the plantation there were different jobs that determined the type of slave they were.

What happened to the free black slaves in the 1800s?

In the 1800s the free black slaves where bought as propertys and was beaten terribly. Black could not get good paying jobs and they worked at barber shops normally. and they suck dikk

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Black male