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Q: Were the navigation acts meant to destroy spanish trade?
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What was englands reason for the navigation acts?

To force colonists to buy goods from them.

How did trade affect European navigation?

how did trade affect european navigation they affect because Asia affect

What forced the colonies to trade only the England?

The Navigation Acts forced the colonists to trade with England and limited trade with other countries.

What did the navigation acts say?

The Navigation Acts that began in 1650 were an attempt by Europe to limit trade between the New World and other countries. The Colonists could only trade with England and her alliances. This meant that most of the products they needed were controlled by England. These Acts stayed in place for 200 years.

Why was the navigation act important?

The Navigation Acts were important because they blocked foreign trade, import and export from their colonies. This meant that British vessels were the only ships allowed to transport goods from their colonies which allowed them to monopolize those item's market.

What is the sentence for navigation and trade acts?

The country's legislative body passed the navigation acts.

How did trade affect Eurpean navigation?

no never

What was the impact of Navigation Acts on trade in Europe?

The Navigation Acts were implemented by England to issue control over trade with and of its colonies. Its intention was to block trade with its colonies and the Netherlands, France, and other European countries.

What was developed by the Phoenicians?

Trade, an alphabet and astral navigation.

What were the Phoenicians known for?

their alphabet

What was the name of the british laws that restricted trade trade to and the colonies?

The Navigation Acts.

What were the Navigation Acts designed to do?

The Navigation Acts were designed to restrict foreign shipping for trade between the colonies and England. The goal was to force the colonies to only trade with England.