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If you're asking whether any US Presidents were constitutionally ineligible to hold office, the answer is no.

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Q: Were there ever any ineligible US Presidents?
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Were any of the US Presidents ever POWs?

Andrew Jackson

Was there ever any us president or presidents under the articles of confederation or presidents of congress that were black?

No. None were black.

Who was the second ever female president?

There haven't been any female US presidents.

Were there any presidents buried in Wisconsin?

No former US presidents currently live in Wisconsin.

Did any US Presidents ever get a degree in Mechanical engineering?

President Hoover was an engineer qualified as a Mining engineer.

Was there any presidents from Louisiana?

NO- there have not been any US presidents who have lived in Lousiana.

How many presidents have graduated from the university of Syracuse?

No US presidents ever went to Syracuse U.

Was there any presidents from Maryland?

No US presidents have been from Maryland.

Did any Presidents sign the US Constitution?

yes infact there was some of our presidents who signed the us constitution.

Was any of the Presidents of America a reptile?

No, all the US presidents have been human.

Have there ever been any white US presidents?

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, is the first to hold the post who is not white.

Have any US presidents ever been arrested for DUI?

Before he was President, George W. Bush was charged with DUI.