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Counties, municipalities, townships, school districts, and special districts -apex (:

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Q: What are the major forms of local government in the United States?
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Most local officials are?

The United States government has many different levels. One level is the local government. The local government is responsible for the towns, counties, and states.

What is the difference between local government in America and local government in Britain?

Local government in the United states is less directly answerable to the national government than is local government in Britain.

Which phrase most accurately describes where local government get their power?

From the states, which have the authority to create whatever forms of local government they want?

What are the Levels and types of government?

In the United States there are three basic levels of government, They are:* Federal government; * State government; and * Local government.

Which phrase most accurately describes where local get their power?

From the states, which have the authority to create whatever forms of local government they want?

Where could one obtain immigration forms for coming in to the United States?

Immigration forms used to be picked up at a local immigration office. Most of these types of offices no longer exist and most information can be located on the government site.

What is a federal and local government of Illinois?

Federal government refers to the country of the United States of America. Local government of Illinois is run primarily in the state capitol of Springfield.

What are the responsibilities of the national government to the state government?

Districts also provide functions in local government outside county or municipal boundaries. The federal, state and local governments in the United States.

What is the head of local Government of Vermont?

The Governor is the head of the local government in the state of Vermont. The government of Vermont is a republican form of government modeled after the Government of the United States. The Constitution of Vermont is the supreme law of the state, followed by the Vermont Statutes.

What has the author Robert S Babcock written?

Robert S. Babcock has written: 'State and local government & politics' -- subject(s): United States, State governments, Local government

What level of government provides police and fire protection?

In the US it can be private, local, county, state, or federal

What do the majority of the states have as a level of local government?

County is local government