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Q: What are the relationship between store department with other departments in an organization?
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What is the relation between marketing department and other departments in organization?

E-sh ma 1

What is the relationship between purchasing department and other functional departments in an organisation?


What is the relationship between sales department and other departments?

if i would have known i could have written in my exam

What is the relationship between production department and marketing department in a typical business organization?

what is the rlationship between production department and marketing department in a business organisation

What is the relationship between marketing and other departments?

The marketing department must rely on the other departments to develop their strategies for how they market the products. If the marketing department did not have access or communicate with other departments, it would not be able to advertise and market their products.

Inter relationship with the front office and other departments in the hotel?

what is the relation between the front desk and the sales department in a hotel?

Relationship between the human resources department to finance?

There is a direct relationship between the human resources and finance departments. Finances are used to run the human resource which is tasked with the role of ensuring that more revenue is generated into the company which makes the two departments interdependent.

What is the relationship between production department and other department in organisation?

relation between food production and other departments in a hotel?

What is a diagram that shows relations between organizations?

Stakeholder relationship diagrams are diagrams that show relations between organizational units. It highlights the hierarchy in a business and shows the relationship between workers and various departments within the organization.

What is the relationship between stores department and purchasing department?

The purchasing department buys the raw materials used by the production department so there has to be close cooperation between the two. Purchasing must know in advance what the production department will be in need of so that the items can be provided in enough time.

What is the difference between branch and department accounting?

A branch is a unit and a department is the sub unit in an organization. when we talk in terms of a branch we mean the accounting methodologies in respect of the unit consisting of all the departments working under it.

Relationship between purchasing department and production department?

Describe the relationship between the purchasing and production of a manufacturing company

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